Meet AlarmWATCH

An Industry Leader in Central Security Monitoring

Since 1990, AlarmWATCH has built a solid reputation for providing Independent Alarm Dealers with many competitive advantages.

Our full service UL-certified central monitoring facility and trained professionals are highly capable of handling all alarm formats to protect your commercial, government and residential customers from any crime or emergent threat.

What makes AlarmWATCH different from other monitoring stations?  Check out these key points below!  We're  known for our fast response times, unique customer care approach and Total Support services tailored to your every business need. 

  • Our security technical advantages help you retain, expand and upsell your customers
  • You can count on our security industry expertise and over 100 professionals who do their jobs well!
  • We are trusted and experienced advisors. Tap into our executive team to help you solve challenges
  • We work hard to keep you "in-the-know." Make sure you are receiving our dealer alerts, educational security bulletins and sales communications
  • Sign up for all the AlarmWATCH University workshops! We'll teach you proven techniques to increase your bottom line through the latest industry technologies, trends and sales strategies
  • Take advantage of our special events like the VoIP Summit and fun Protect-A-Thon competitions
  • Learn how to increase your RMR with custom marketing kits and the popular Intensive Care Sales Program. Put our mentors to work for you!
  • Check out the backend office support to ensure your business runs efficiently, profitably and professionally
  • Join our network of quality dealers who enjoy long-term relationships and a company you can rely on

Why do independent alarm dealers and over 150,000 subscribers rely on AlarmWATCH for their Total Support central monitoring and business solutions?  Contact our Dealer Services team now by calling 866-400-8808 ext. 2014 or email us at

AlarmWATCH Central Monitoring


 Quality Certified

IQ Certified

AlarmWATCH is IQ Certified

You should be too. We can help.
Learn why.

We have numerous certifications attesting to our quality performance.

- IQ Certfied Central Station
(One of first in nation)
- UL Certified Facility

- UL Certified Operators
- SIA Certified Operators
- SIA Central Station Trained Instructors
- APCO Certified Operators
- FARA and Federal UL 2050 Monitoring

COPS Monitoring