Total Support

What Makes AlarmWATCH Monitoring and Business Services Your Best Choice?

Smart security business owners rely on our state-of-the-art technology and professional team to protect their customers, but they also get more competitive advantages with our Total Support programs.

Our Total Support programs address all stages and aspects of your business--running the gamut of today's monitoring solutions to daily business operations and management, marketing support, to sales and technical training. We help you take care of your business over its lifecycle, from start-up to retirement, while making you more profitable and maintaining the highest professional courtesy and integrity.

At the end of the day, you'll be glad to have our Total Support solutions to protect your customers, increase opportunities for more RMR and keep your business performing at its best.

Rely on our professional staff of 100 employees strong to take care of your evolving needs in these areas:

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 about why hundreds of dealers and more than 150,000 subscribers rely on AlarmWATCH for their Total Support central monitoring and business solutions. Contact Dealer Services today at 866-500-8808 ext. 2014 or


Security technical advantages to retain, expand and upsell your customers

  • Offering alarm back-up and interactive services from major manufacturers
  • Certified and professional operators with the fastest response times in the industry
  • High-touch, high-tech people who can react and resolve any threat to you and your subscribers
  • Specially tailored services like GSM communications, video monitoring, identity theft protection, two-way voice, PERS, Government services, elevator monitoring, and much more
  • User-friendly web access to view real-time customer information, activity and reports

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Knowledge and expertise in every area of operations

  • Depth and breadth of industry expertise among staff of 100+ professionals
  • Trusted and experienced advisors, our executive team is just a phone call away to lend their experience, expertise and connections to help solve your challenges
  • Keeps you "in-the-know" with frequent dealer alerts, educational security and sales communications
  • Knowledge-sharing events like the VoIP Summit and AlarmWATCH University educational trainings -- always free to current and future AlarmWATCH dealers
  • Quality and long-time relationships with professionals you know and trust

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Back Office Support that makes your business more efficient, profitable and professional

  • Business Services - An army of solutions that keep your revenue flowing and help you manage day-to-day operations
  • Data Entry Department - We do the work to make account maintenance accurate and simple for you

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Unparalleled sales and marketing support from leading professionals

  • Our Intensive Care Sales Program (ICSP) provides one of the best sales trainers in the business to mentor and support your office at no cost. ICSP programs give you the skills, discipline, and daily mentoring support to take your sales from good to great!
  • AlarmWATCH dealers get a unique and almost “unheard of” competitive advantage – custom sales and marketing toolkits. Ask us about them to support your sales efforts throughout the year.
  • Sales incentives, like AlarmWATCH's annual Protect-A-Thon contests provides a boost to your sales and renewed motivation to your team's efforts.

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AlarmWATCH University teaches you the "how to" of increasing your bottom line with the latest industry technologies, trends and selling techniques

  • High-quality educational events are always free to AlarmWATCH dealers
  • Frequent half and full day technical and sales seminars at various locations
  • Special events help you solve industry challenges, such as AlarmWATCH's VOIP Summit
  • Fun events like the Raven's Protect-A-Thon tail-gater and game!

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 Quality Certified

IQ Certified

AlarmWATCH is IQ Certified

You should be too. We can help.
Learn why.

We have numerous certifications attesting to our quality performance.

- IQ Certfied Central Station
(One of first in nation)
- UL Certified Facility

- UL Certified Operators
- SIA Certified Operators
- SIA Central Station Trained Instructors
- APCO Certified Operators
- FARA and Federal UL 2050 Monitoring

COPS Monitoring