AlarmWATCH Dealers Talk

And what they have to say about working with AlarmWATCH is worth hearing.

From John Chetelat, Action Integrated

John Chetelat, President of Action Integrated (Baltimore, MD) has participated in various AlarmWATCH University workshops over his 17+ year relationship with AlarmWATCH. “As our business expanded, we wanted to standardize our security practices. Working together with AlarmWATCH, we have benefited greatly to design and deliver best practices in delivering quality security services.”

From John E. Buxsel, Trident Security Solutions and President, Fraternal Order of Police #74 Ohio

As a 16 year veteran of law enforcement, let me express how impressed I am with your services. Throughout the years, I have investigated multiple levels of crimes from robberies to burglaries to narcotics, thefts and assaults. Reaction time (speed) is paramount to solving and working to prevent more crime. During my career as a police officer, I was constantly frustrated with the slow response and dispatch times from some alarm companies, like the large national companies routinely advertised. Many colleagues experienced the same frustrations and lack of cooperation when we attempted to determine how quick an alarm was dispatched once activated. When I formed my security company, I searched for a Central Station Monitoring solution that was able to meet my expectations of response time, professionalism and quality service. You contacted me almost immediately to discuss my needs and how you could best assist me to grow my company. I was impressed by your confidence, willingness to assist me with training, and knowledge of the industry in all facets including residential, small and large scale government operations.”

From Lou Gibbs, National Security

Lou has 32 years in the security industry. His company specializes in a variety of services (alarms, access control, CCTV audio, home theater, intercoms, telephone systems, low voltage wiring and Sony products). “We maintained a monitoring station in-house for years, but after the attack on the U.S. on September 11th (911) we wanted to offer our customers maximum security protections. The security monitoring service had to be UL certified with plenty of technology enhancements and back up systems. That’s why we use AlarmWATCH. Our customers appreciate the solid state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and the trained professionals who monitor their locations. I trust the staff at AlarmWATCH to take care of my customers’ needs in both commercial and residential situations. This has been a good business solution for us."

From Mike Lahey, ASG Security Operations

Mike says, “ASG uses AW Central Monitoring station for its government and SCIS (sensitive compartment information systems) clients where strict guidelines must be followed. Our customers praise the AW monitoring staff. They’re professionals and trained for any emergency or threat. With the industry moving so fast and all of the new technology advancements, we’ve been pleased with the number of new business services and solutions that AW offers. Our 20 year relationship shows the value and trust we place on AW and their team.”

About AlarmWATCH Special Events and Programs

From Curt Spicher, Spicher's Security and Electronics

“We love AlarmWATCH’s Intensive Care Sales Program,” said Curt Spicher of Spicher's Security and Electronics, a Home Theatre and Appliance third-generation company, started by Curt’s grandfather and father many years ago. “Donna teaches us best practice sales strategies to increase our sales and recurring revenue. AWU training gives our staff hands-on experience to add real value to our services.” Spicher’s company is relatively new to work with AlarmWATCH. He says, “We can focus on sales, learn about new products quickly and diversify our services to grow our business and meet customers’ needs.”

From Jim Porter, District Manager for Interlogix, a UTC Fire and Security Company.

“Resources like the AlarmWATCH University can provide the right structure and training to keep your sales drive high and to deliver the right strategies at the right time to capitalize on your investments. These building blocks give us advantages and better positioning to sustain lasting partnerships and leadership status in the security industry.

From Steve Heier, Manager of Operations for AlarMax Distributors, Inc.

“We are always looking for new ways to be a better partner and the Protect-A-Thon events are a great way to build relationships and bring some fun and value to our customers.”

From Marvin Welsh, Pro-Force Security

“The VoIP Summit held by AlarmWATCH helped me to think about how I can prepare my business for this emergent challenge and to also help my customers plan their next steps. Thanks to Bob and the staff for pulling this summit together and for all of the great dealer services they provide to us!”

From Jack Rain, Chesapeake Systems Service

“This summit gave alarm security dealers a lot of good information about the challenges we face around VoIP. Each of us will have to define our own solutions around these telecom issues and our game plan is constantly evolving. We appreciate that AlarmWATCH will continue to help us develop a strategy that works for us.”


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