Dealer Services Request Guide

How to Accomplish Common Requests

This guide will help you make some common requests quickly and efficiently.

1. How to request a recording
AlarmWATCH keeps a digital copy of all conversations in the Central Station for 30 days. After 30 days the recordings are automatically deleted.

When requesting a recording, please provide the account number, date of call, time of call, and what you are looking for. All requests for recordings must be sent to the Dealer Services team via email to charges may apply if a copy is requested.  

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2. How to request a report
AlarmWATCH offers many different reports including Activity, Master Files, Add/Delete, Late to Test, Customer List, Opening/Closings and Permit Numbers. These reports can be sent to your office or directly to the customer.

If you need one of the above reports, please request these through the Dealer Services team at 1-866-500-8808 ext. 2014 or email When requesting a report, please include your dealer ID, account number, name of account and if this is a one-time report or recurring request, also include the email address to send the report, and date range.

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3. How to activate an AlarmNet Total Connect Service
In order to add the Total Connect Service to a customer you must first sign up as an AlarmNet dealer. If you have not signed up, please go to AlarmNet’s website and select AlarmNet Direct in the top left corner. Once the new page has loaded, please select sign up as a new dealer and complete the process.

Once you are signed up, please program your first AlarmNet-I device on site using AlarmWATCH’s city code and central station ID. Once this is completed, please contact our Dealer Services Department at 1-866-500-8808 ext. 2014 or email to enable The Total Connect Services.

Once you have activated your first Total Connect Service, you do not need to contact our Dealer Services Department for future activations.

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4. How to activate Connect 24 Service
AlarmWATCH offers the Connect 24 service to our dealers. When installing Connect 24, please call the Central Station Supervisor at 1-800-356-2222 obtain your assigned accounts numbers. This service requires a specific account number and receiver.

*Please note the process below takes 24 hours*

Before installing your FIRST Connect 24 account, you must contact our Dealer Services department at 866-500-8808 ext. 2014 to register as a Connect 24 Authorized Dealer.

When the activation process is completed, our Dealer Services team will forward you all the necessary information to gain access to Connect 24.

When using third party services, additional charges may apply in addition to an AlarmWATCH monitoring fee.

After you have registered and installed your first Connect 24 account you may request further account activations by calling our Dealer Services Department.

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5. How to activate an Uplink
When activating your FIRST Uplink account, you must contact Dealer Services at 1-866-500-8808 ext. 2014 or email to register as an Authorized Uplink Dealer.

Once you have activated your first Uplink account with AlarmWATCH, you do not have to repeat this process.

When using third party services, additional charges may apply in addition to an AlarmWATCH monitoring fee.

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6. How to activate an elevator account
When installing an Elevator Account, please contact the Central Station Supervisor to get an Elevator Account Number and designated phone number. Elevator accounts need to be programmed to a special number in order to adhere to the ADA Requirements and provide the Central Station with a caller ID.

Once you have obtained an elevator account number and proper phone number for the elevator to dial out, please test the system. When testing the system, ask the operator for the caller ID number that is displayed on their phone. Please supply the caller ID number to our Data Entry department to be displayed on the account. Once testing is complete, email or fax the elevator information to at 410-785-1742.

AlarmWATCH strongly recommends that when installing an account, you program a recorded message to be activated when the operator answers the phone that provides the account number, name of building, address, and elevator account number. We also recommend installing a plaque displaying the elevator account number in each elevator, name of building and the address.

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7. How to request Web Access (via internet) for your office or customer
AlarmWATCH dealers and subscribers are able to access their account via the web. Anyone using the website may be able to view account information, place accounts out of service, view history and run reports, based on the permissions requested by the dealer.

If you would like to set up Web access, please contact our Dealer Services Department at 1-866-500-8808 ext. 2014 or via email at We will need Your Name, Dealer ID, Company Name, Login ID, Password with a symbol ($ ! or @), Security Question, Security Answer and Email Address of web user. If the web access is for a subscriber, please include their Account Number, Account Name, and Web User Name, in addition to the other information. Dealer Services will contact you, once your access has been completed.

Please note that additional charges may apply.

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8. How to request instant text message & email notification
AlarmWATCH has the ability to send instant text messages or email notifications  on all signals. This is a free service we strongly recommend you offer to your customers. This is a great way to prevent those 3 am phone calls for a low battery. You will need to provide us with your cell phone number and phone carrier  for text messaging. Please complete the appropriate form.

Use our electronic form to Request Instant Text Message & Email Notification now.

Or download PDF form and fax to us.

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9. How to download a Subscriber booklet
AlarmWATCH has created a booklet, "What Should I Expect From My Alarm Monitoring Station" for you to provide your customer so they know what to expect from the alarm monitoring station when the alarm is activated.

We no longer print these booklets, but you can download a PDF of the Subscriber booklet from Subscriber Resources or refer Subscribers there to download the book. 

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10. How to request Subscriber Monitoring Contracts
AlarmWATCH has created a generic subscriber monitoring contract you may use when signing up new customers.

Please note there is a charge for subscriber monitoring contracts, in addition to shipping cost.

If you would like to order subscriber monitoring contracts, please complete the request form.

Request subscriber monitoring contracts by contacting our Dealer Services Department at 1-866-500-8808 ext 2014 or via email at

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11. How to request a Certificate of Insurance
If you would like to request a Certificate of Insurance, please provide an email request which includes the following information: Name of company (as you want it to appear), address, phone number, requester name, email or fax number to send it to. Email this request to You may also contact Betsy Garcia and 1-866-500-8808 ext 159.

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12. How to activate Bosch Internet Communicators
AlarmWATCH supports Bosch's line of Conettix IP Communicators, including C900TTL-E Dialer Capture ModuleC900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet ModuleDX4020 Dialer Capture Network Interface Module.

When installng this line of products, please take the following steps:

1. Contact Dealer Services to get an account number on our Bosch receiver.

2. After you program the account number into your panel, contact our IT department at 866-500-8808 x 2050 to program the panel to communicate with the receiver via TCI/IP. If all of our IT reps are busy, you may also contact Dealer Services at extension 2014.

3. When you call us to have your account number programmed, you will need the following information:

  • Your account number

  • The communicator model number

  • It's also important that you let us know whether your subscriber is a standard or commercial fire account

For more information on Bosch's line of security products, please visit their website at For specific information about Bosch's Conettix IP Solutions, click here.

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 Dealers Talk 


“We maintained a monitoring station in-house for years, but after the attack on the U.S. on September 11th (911) we wanted to offer our customers maximum security protections. The security monitoring service had to be UL certified with plenty of technology enhancements and back up systems. That’s why we use AlarmWATCH.

Our customers appreciate the solid state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and the trained professionals who monitor their locations. I trust the staff at AW to take care of my customers’ needs in both commercial and residential situations. This has been a good business solution for us."

--  Lou Gibbs, 
National Security
COPS Monitoring