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VoIP Puts Your POTS Subscribers At Risk for Unreliable and Missed Signals
Misconceptions about VoIP CAN hurt you and your subscribers. It is a fallacy that if your customer uses POTS they are not affected by VoIP challenges. Any of your alarm subscribers that use Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) WILL be impacted by VoIP and the result is serious--unreliable signal reporting.

VoIP & Security: What You Should Know
Many businesses and homeowners today are attracted to Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP services from local Internet providers and cable companies. VoIP offers significant cost savings on local and informational calls as well as streamlining service providers by utilizing one vendor for both networking and telecommunications. However users are unaware of the security issues and vulnerabilities of VoIP systems in relation to security alarms and emergency services when provided by some local Internet providers and cable companies.


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