Central Station Alerts

Critical Information About Your Accounts

Critical notices are periodically emailed to our dealers under the banner of Central Station Alerts or Dealer Alerts. These are posted on our website and can include legal notices, weather-related notices and information that may affect your subscriber accounts.

Please check this area for updates!

If you are not receiving important emails and alerts from us, you may need to update your email server's filter settings. Call 1-866-500-8808 ext 2014 or email a mddealerservices@copsmonitoring.com member to help you remedy this.

2012 Central Station Alerts

Now Supporting Bosch Internet Connectivity Modules - December 4, 2012

Baltimore County Alarm Registration - November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Advisory and Inclement Weather Procedures - October 26, 2012

Police Dispatch Requirements in Baltimore City, Maryland - June 22, 2012

Police Dispatch for the State of Delaware - June 22, 2012

VoIP Puts Your POTS Subscribers At Risk for Unreliable and Missed Signals News - January 6, 2012




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