Article: IQ Certification

Don't Miss Out on the Valuable Benefits of Being IQ Certified

If you have spoken with our Dealer Services Department during the past few months, you've heard us point out the benefits of being IQ Certified. Let us give you a quick reminder of IQ and why we feel it is so important for our dealers to become IQ Certified. 

IQ Certification is the Gold Standard for High Quality Installations and the ONLY quality control program for installations, maintenance and service of electronic safety systems.  Following the IQ guidelines can lead to greater revenues and positive customer feedback with increased referrals--the main ingredients for running a successful business. Plus, you will improve relations with public safety officials and your end users by reducing false alarms. 

While you may have already developed some type of criteria regarding equipment, installations, and training, the difference is an IQ Certified Company can prove they are using recognized industry standards. What will your answer be when potential customers ask if you are IQ Certified, when choosing between you and a competitor? 

AlarmWATCH has proudly been IQ Certified for many years. Don't you think it's time you become IQ Certified?

AlarmWATCH urges you to take the first steps toward IQ Certification. It is easier than you might think. For more information, please feel free to call Gail Schreiner at ext. 211 and visit


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