Central Station Alert - Baltimore

Police Dispatch Requirements in Baltimore City, Maryland

June 22, 2012

AlarmWATCH has been notified by several Dealers that Baltimore City has begun fining the end user $500 per police dispatch and the Installing Alarm Company up to $1000 per police dispatch for any subscriber that has not registered their alarm system.

AlarmWATCH has recently provided a list of all your subscribers residing in Baltimore City that do not have a permit. Please take a moment to review the list and contact your end user in order to register their alarm system with Baltimore City. You may also contact the Baltimore City Housing Authority at any time to obtain a list of all your subscribers that are currently registered.

You will need to do this for all new installations as the Baltimore City Housing Authority will only send a copy of the registration back to the end-user. However, AlarmWATCH recommends you complete the registration form for the end-user to confirm the end user complies with the alarm ordinance and put your office as the mailing address in order to receive the completed registration form and your office can forward to the subscriber once AlarmWATCH has been notified. AlarmWATCH must have a valid registration number when calling in a dispatch in order to prevent fines.

Typically, AlarmWATCH will not request police dispatch in jurisdictions requiring permits in order to stay in compliance with the ordinance, however, the Baltimore City Code requires AlarmWATCH to report the alarm activation in a normal manner to the police department on all unregistered users. You may review the the Baltimore City Code at http://www.baltimorehousing.org/property_registration and select the Ordinance under Alarm Registration. Please be aware that your company must be licensed in Baltimore City in order to install and or service end-users.

You may contact our Dealer Services department, at any time, to request a report of all subscribers that are not registered in a jurisdiction requiring a permit.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Dealer Services department at 866-500-8808 extension 2014 or mddealerservices@copsmonitoring.com.




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Hurricane Irene

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