Central Station Alert - Storm Advisory

Hurricane Sandy and Inclement Weather Procedures

October 26, 2012

AlarmWATCH is closely monitoring the potential "Frankenstorm" expected to affect over 50 million people on the east coast late this weekend. The AlarmWATCH Management Team has been working diligently the past 48 hours to prepare for this event.

If you have any questions or concerns during the storm, we ask that you contact our Dealer Services Department at 1-866-500-8808 ext. 2014 so that the Central Station Team may focus on handling the high volume of alarms that are anticipated. Should conditions warrant, we will follow our Inclement Weather Procedures below.


  1. AlarmWATCH reserves the right to take no action on maintenance priorities (AC Loss, Low Batt, and Trouble Signals) in the event the central station is experiencing high volume activity due to inclement weather, rolling brown outs, or black outs.  
  2. If you have an account that requires notification on maintenance priorities (AC Loss, Low Batt and Trouble Signals) that under these circumstances would NOT be notified on under this policy, please notify AlarmWATCH and request specified account(s) be evaluated for special handling.
  3. Most residential and commercial alarm systems installed today have AC Power monitoring features included, as part of the system programming. Under standard central station protocol, when AC signals occur, we call the subscriber and contact list (unless instructed otherwise) and fax to the dealer via their daily activity report. If AlarmWATCH is experiencing a heavy storm cycle, we can have 100-1000 or more AC's signals hit at once and then our protocol is to auto-log the signals, which allows us to handle higher priority and actual alarms in a timely manner. Typically, the AC power feature is programmed into the alarm panel as a non-essential feature, not crucial to the user's system needs or requirements. However, in certain requirements AlarmWATCH's responding to AC Power signals may be categorized as an actual alarm condition (such as commercial refrigeration, sump pumps, medical equipment, etc.).

When to Notify Central for Special Handling:

If you have a subscriber that we are monitoring for AC Power, and there is a critical alarm situation involved, you MUST let us know. In that case, we can designate the handling so that the AC Alarm Code will fall under Priority 2 (comparable with holdup/medical). Also, when the central station experiences heavy storm situations, we can process that alarm signal so it will not be auto-logged with the standard AC Power failure alarms. We will attempt to reach everyone on the call list and, if unable to reach anyone, we will contact you or an authority (if warranted).
If you have any facilities that fall under this Priority 2 Critical AC Alarm status, please send in a data change to Data Entry for each account. You are required to specify the zone that is AC Alarm and the specific reason for this request. The AlarmWATCH Data Entry department will evaluate the request and, if deemed necessary, the zone will be set up as a Critical AC Loss and adjust the priority and contact list accordingly.
We offer the option to be notified by email or text messaging, so please specify if you wish to use this service when you contact Dealer Services.
We also highly recommend that in the event of storm activity you review your Daily Activity Report thoroughly.
Thank you for doing your part to ensure that systems run smoothly, even in bad weather.
If you have any questions, please contact Dealer Services.  


Reliability When Others Fail

Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene

"In 16 years of handling alarms, I’ve never seen that much activity. We handled nearly a months worth of alarms in 3 days.

Through the entire hurricane cycle, the AlarmWATCH team kept response time at reasonable levels. Our team knew exactly what to do under the most adverse weather conditions." 

-   Richard Bosley, 
AlarmWATCH Central
Station Manager

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