Dealer Alert - New Bosch Capability

Bosch Internet Communication Modules

December 4, 2012

AlarmWATCH now supports Bosch Security Conettix Internet Communicators

Many subscribers are canceling their traditional telephone services (POTS) in favor of VoIP. In addition, many in our industry are speculating that the announcement of the sunset of POTS is fast approaching. The good news is that COPS Monitoring is committed to continuing AlarmWATCH's tradition of offering you leading edge technology. To help mitigate the issues with traditional telco and to give you a competitive edge, we offer several POTS-alternative communications solutions.

Today, we're pleased to announce that we now support BOSCH's newest line of Conettix IP communicators! Now you can expand your product line and give your new and existing customers the ability to transmit their alarm signals over the Internet via TCP/IP using BOSCH's IP modules including:

C900TTL-E Dialer Capture Module

C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Module

DX4020 Dialer Capture Network Interface Module

Here's how to take advantage of the new BOSCH Conettix IP Communicators:

1. Contact Dealer Services to get an account number on our Bosch receiver.

2. After you program the account number into your panel, contact our IT department at 866-500-8808 x 2050 to program the panel to communicate with the receiver via TCI/IP. If all of our IT reps are busy, you may also contact Dealer Services at extension 2014.

3. When you call us to have your account number programmed, you will need the following information:

  • Your account number
  • The communicator model number
  • It's also important that you let us know whether your subscriber is a standard or commercial fire account

For more information on Bosch's line of security products, please visit their website at For specific information about Bosch's Conettix IP Solutions, click here.

If you have questions, or if you would like to inquire about our other POTS-alternative solutions, please do not hesitate to contact our Dealer Services Department at 866-500-8808 extension 2014 or



Reliability When Others Fail

Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene

"In 16 years of handling alarms, I’ve never seen that much activity. We handled nearly a months worth of alarms in 3 days.

Through the entire hurricane cycle, the AlarmWATCH team kept response time at reasonable levels. Our team knew exactly what to do under the most adverse weather conditions." 

-   Richard Bosley, 
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