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It is important to know the central monitoring station procedures and your responsibility to respond to situations appropriately. The following sections contain useful information about our departments and our interaction with an alarm signal.

VoIP Guide - Solutions for Alternative Communications
This guide will help you understand the solutions each manufacturer has to offer to combat the growing problem of VoIP and ensure your alarm signals get through.

Dealer Information & Tips
If you are a new AlarmWATCH dealer, be sure to familiarize yourself with this basic information about how we work, and what you need to know to operate effectively with us.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question about Central Station operations, Data Entry procedures, Accounting or Sales? This is the place to start.

UL Certificate
Download a current copy of our certification for your records.

Manage Account Forms
Access our various electronic forms to manage your accounts fast.

CSAA Event Codes
Quick access to industry standard codes.

Industry Links
Find useful links to manufacturers, industry associations and more.


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