General Information & Tips

Dealer and Technician Basics To Know

To ensure you are communicating correctly with your subscribers and the Central Station, please familiarize yourself with these central station terms and practices.

AlarmWATCH monitoring is very conscious of the security of you and of your customers. We require proper passcode verification before we give any information related to an account. We take the protection of your customer's account data very seriously, and take nothing for granted. Customers may be required to spell out the passcode.

Due to dealer employee changeover, we recommend giving each employee their own passcode and not the Dealer ID number. Remember your Dealer ID number is your master key to all of your account information.

Account Numbers

  • New account numbers are issued by the supervisor on duty in the central station at 1-800-356-2222.
  • You will need your Dealer ID number and the format you will be using to obtain an account number.
  • Account numbers are given out either as single or blocks of ten

Resolving Problems

  • If you have any problems with a dispatch, account, or AlarmWATCH procedure, call and ask to speak with the supervisor on duty. If the resolution of the problem is not satisfactory or the problem continues, ask to have the central station manager call you. If the problem is urgent, ask to have the central station manager paged.
  • We maintain a 31-day tape log of all telephone conversations. If you need a conversation reviewed please email All requests will be accommodated within 24 hours. Copies of recordings are available for an additional fee.
  • We are here to provide security to you and your customers. Please help us by providing us with complete accurate information at all times. Please conduct all telephone conversations and interactions with and our central station staff in a professional manner.

Alarms that have not been completed in the dispatch and notification process are generally put on a hold screen awaiting completion. This may include pending notification, awaiting notification response and pending problems.

Why is an alarm taken out of hold and placed into the alarm history?

  • When contact is made with a person on the emergency call list, the alarm is finished.
  • When no contact can be made due to an outdated emergency call list (the dispatcher will notify the dealer of this).

Putting an Account On Test
When placing an account on test please have the following information:

  • Customer account number
  • Tech ID
  • How long you will be testing?
  • Name on the account
  • Are there any other linked accounts to this one?

Dealer & Technician Tips

  • Always place the alarm system on test before working on the panel.
  • Please have your Tech ID, Dealer ID or account number to access information on an account.
  • Be sure to put your Dealer ID and your name on all account information updates.

Offering the latest in receiver technology and high speed formats
We have a full range of alarm signal receivers to accommodate all your panel needs:

Surgard MRL 2000
Surgard System III
Radionics 6600
Radionics Internet
Firelite Internet
Ademco 685
Osbourne Hoffman/ GE oh2000
Surgard internet receiver
AlarmNet I internet receiver
DMP internet receiver
AES Radio

Our receiving equipment can handle all types of alarm formats:

Pulsed Formats

10 thru 40 pps
1400 Hz
2300 Hz
3/1, 3/2, 4/1, 4/2
3/1 and 4/1 with parity
3/1 and 4/1 extended

Touch Tone Formats

Acron Superfast
Ademco Slow Speed, High Speed and Express
Ademco Contact ID
FBI Superfast
Sescoa Superfast
Silent Knight Slow and Fast
DSC Touch Tone

FSK Formats

Silent Knight FSK
Radionics BFSK
Radionics Modem II, Modem IIe and Modem 3a squared

Formats - Our fully integrated digital alarm receivers can accommodate all industry alarm reporting formats and are fully upgradeable to handle all new and improved formats.

Operator Training – Our Alarm Operators and Data Entry Operators are fully SIA certified, the standard for excellence in alarm monitoring and customer care. Our operators must successfully complete an intensive 120 day in house training program before handling any alarms on their own.

At AlarmWATCH we whole heartedly believe that an informed dealer is an asset to the alarm industry. That is why the more information we can offer you about your central station the happier your customers will be.


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