VoIP Guide: Uplink GSM

Uplink GSM/IP Devices

The Uplink devices are designed to leave the customer site wireless using the cell network or internet. The signals are sent to the Uplink monitoring center and are relayed to AlarmWATCH over plain telephone lines. These devices are still subject to hitting VOIP issues because the signal is sent to AlarmWATCH via phone lines. 

Dealers using Uplink products will need to sign up as a user under the AlarmWATCH master account. The dealer will have a log in id & password for Uplinks website and they will activate and deactivate the devices thru the Uplink website. Uplink bills AlarmWATCH for the service and AlarmWATCH bills the dealer. This cost is in addition to the monitored account charges from AlarmWATCH. When dealers need help with programming devices they should be referred to the Uplink tech support team.

Uplink GSM/IP Devices

Note: Uplink devices are sent to AlarmWATCH over plain telephone lines which may result in communication problems if they hit a VOIP phone line. 

Uplink GSM/IP Devices

Uplink Communications Devices

  • Uplink 2550 UL
  • Uplink 2550 CB
  • Uplink 2550 CF
  • Uplink 2530
  • Uplink 2540
  • Uplink 2500 


 Dealers Talk 


“This [VOIP] summit gave alarm security dealers a lot of good information about the challenges we face around VOIP.  Each of us will have to define our own solutions around these telecom issues and our game plan is constantly evolving. 

We appreciate that AlarmWATCH will continue to help us develop a strategy that works for us.”

--  Jack Rain, Chesapeake
Systems Service

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