VoIP Guide: AlarmNet GSM

AlarmNet GSM/IP Devices

All AlarmNet, Ademco and Honeywell products for IP & GSM communication will report to AlarmNet and be forwarded to AlarmWATCH on the AN receiver line. When using all of these GSM & IP products the signals are sent to AlarmNet and then forwarded to AlarmWATCH thru the internet to our AlarmNet IP receiver RLP AN. AlarmWATCH also has a toll free phone number setup to receive these signals from AlarmNet in the event our receiver goes off line for any reason.

To program these devices the dealers will need a central station ID, city code and account number prior to going online or calling AlarmNet to program device.

AlarmNet bills AlarmWATCH for their carrier services and AlarmWATCH bills the dealer. The carrier charge is in addition to any account monitoring fees charged by AlarmWATCH.

Note: If a dealer wants to use Total Connect services they must go to the AlarmNet website and sign up for a user account and the device they are using must be programmed using this site. AlarmWATCH cannot enable services if the dealer has not done this. Dealers may also use Total Connect services without setting up a GSM account and will be billed by AlarmWATCH accordingly. Please refer dealers to AlarmNet tech support if they have questions.

AlarmNet GSM/IP Device


Note: These devices will use a phoneline to AlarmWATCH if the IP receiver should be offline for any reason.

AlarmNet GSM/IP Devices

IP Communicators

  • 7847i – IP Communicator
  • 7845i – IP Communicator

GSM Communicators

  • GSMHS – High Security GSM Communicator
  • IGSMCF – Stand Alone Commercial Fire Communicator
  • IGSMV – IP and Digital Cellular Communicators
  • GSMCF – Commercial Fire GSM Communicator
  • IPGSM-Com  - Fire Alarm Communicator IP & GSM

Note: Honeywell also manufactures alarm panels with built in GSM/IP communicators. Anything made by Honeywell/Ademco will use the AN receiver.


 Dealers Talk 


“This [VOIP] summit gave alarm security dealers a lot of good information about the challenges we face around VOIP.  Each of us will have to define our own solutions around these telecom issues and our game plan is constantly evolving. 

We appreciate that AlarmWATCH will continue to help us develop a strategy that works for us.”

--  Jack Rain, Chesapeake
Systems Service

COPS Monitoring